Friday, June 18, 2010


We had been at the resort just a short time, and I was in the RV setting things in order for our stay, when the most delicious aroma wafted in through the open window.
I had to go and investigate who was cooking something so mouthwatering.

Wayne & son Mike, our neighbors, had their dinner on the grill, and what a dinner it was going to be.

Drool, just look at those humongous steaks, slobber! excuse me while I wipe my chin.

Mike, watching over dinner to make sure it is done to perfection.

This is our little RV. Mr C calls it our 'land yacht'

Camp is all set up, and we ready to enjoy some fishing, relaxing and good times with our Fishin' Club friends.

Looking through the back window of the RV

We love this camping spot, as we are able to pull our boat up right onto the beach, and tie it to a tree right behind the RV. It is so convenient when loading and unloading our fishing gear, snacks and cooler, before and after a days outing.

Looking down the beach towards the docks and office/tackle shop.

A view of our campsite from outside the log boom.

The office/tackle shop where you can equip yourself for a days fishing, buy the basic groceries, an ice cream bar, gas up your boat, buy some clothing, and much more.

I can hear the guys saying "so much stuff, so little time!"

I always check out the clothing, and this time I bought a nice top, which just happened to be on the clearance rack.

Three lovely ladies in the office/tackle shop always ready to answer any questions and help in any way to ensure your stay at the resort is a happy one.

Mr C on his way back to our campsite with a tub of night crawlers in hand. I release any we don't use into my garden, when we return home.

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edtNZ said...

Whooohooo...Blogger has been having conniptions lately and not showing all your pictures but THIS time they all showed right off. It sometimes took half a dozen views per post to see all the pictures of your dutch posts. TY for part two of the recent story. I could almost smell the steaks. Regards from a sunny but cool winters day in New Zealand.