Monday, September 06, 2010


For the second time in two months we drove East across Snoqualmie Pass to Ellensburg, and from there South to Yakima, and then East a bit more to Moxee, WA. and the Sun Valley Gun Club's range. This time they held a full 8 stage Steel Challenge match.

Even though we were out in what is semi-desert, the range has some lovely irrigated green lawns along with the dry brown dusty bays of the range. We parked where we had some shade for part of the day.

Looking out across dry parched land and irrigated crops. It really is quite beautiful in it's own way.

Mr C waiting for the range officer's command, " are you ready? stand by" then a buzzer goes off and firing commences.

Mr C showing off the tee shirt, advertising the maker of the barrel on the gun he is using.

JD loading his magazines for the next stage.

Our friend Matt shooting while his lovely wife Shara (lady with pony tail) loads more magazines for him.
We had a great day shooting the match with our friends, and both Mr C and I came home with awards. I was tickled to be presented with a certificate awarded for 1st place lady and also winning a gift certificate for $35 to be used at Guns West in Yakima, and Mr C won 1 st Place Overall Rimfire and 1 st Place Rimfire optic also receiving certificates we can frame and place on our trophy wall.
Mr C and I were not the only ones in our squad to do well, everyone in our squad went home with an award, how cool is that?

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Gail Wilson said...

Congrats to both of you for a great weekend!! Gail