Saturday, September 18, 2010

GBR Part three.....Cowboy fastdraw day

On Sunday morning we once again car pooled, this time out to the Sage Hill Clays for some fun at cowboy fast draw.

The match was held at the home of the Reno Rustlers and fast draw champ Mr Cal Erlich AKA Fast Cal came to coach us in this fun sport.

Here are some of the cowboy/cowgirl names folks of the Reno Rustlers go by. I go by Keewee Belle.

I think I am safe in saying everyone had a great time shooting the firearms of around the 1800's era, and drawing from leather holsters. We of course were not dressed in 1800's attire except for one of us, but at regular matches the shooters do dress in period costume.

The targets are two feet across and you would think there was no way you could miss one. Wrong!! they are easy to miss when you are drawing and firing from the hip, as fast as you can. I have very small hands and had difficulty cocking and drawing the revolver smoothly, all the while aiming and trying to hit the target, but did manage to halfway figure it out after a while.
Yes indeed this is fun and Keewee Belle is looking forward to doing a whole lot more of cowboy fast draw. I did finish 9th out of 16 shooters, not bad for a girl eh?
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Mason@CST said...

That was a blast!