Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gun Blogger Rendezvous, part two

Friday morning dawned clear and sunny and when I opened the curtains in our hotel room, we were greeted by this fabulous sight. It was the weekend for the Reno balloon races.

We watched the balloons for a while as they lazily floated against the clear blue sky, then took the very fast, make your ears ring, elevator down from our 32nd floor to the lobby, and from there to the hospitality room to meet up with the rest of our group.

Some of our friends chatting before partaking of the NRA sponsored breakfast. Sadly Rachael Parsons, from the NRA, who was to join us, had to cancel due to illness.

Mr C , Kevin from Smallest Minority, and Lori from Ruger

Closeup of the front of Kevin's shirt. Pretty cool don't you think?

Mr C and Lori

I thought the breakfast well presented and filling, and kept me going until we returned from the range.

After breakfast we carpooled out to the Washoe County Shooting facility, where we all had a great deal of fun shooting the various firearms the group had brought with them.
Back in the hospitality room later that afternoon, Dan Hall, founder of GUNUP told us about this new website being launched very soon. It is a site which is a little hard to describe, essentially, it brings all aspects of the shooting world together under one roof.
The evening festivities started with dinner at Gecko's BBQ restaurant, I could not eat all my first portion of 'all you can eat ribs' let alone think of more, then we retired back to the hospitality room for more conversation.

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