Sunday, October 03, 2010

5 stage Steel challenge

The season for steel challenge is winding down as winter approaches, well at least it is winding down for me, as I am pretty much a 'fair weather shooter' and I do not enjoy shooting while my teeth chatter with cold. On Friday, we left for the range which is located just outside of Yakima WA. This is not the first time we have been to this range and you can see previous visits HERE and HERE

Mr C chowing down a cinnamon roll (home made of course) and a cup of coffee before the match commences.

Shara draws the score sheet of the person who is to shoot first on our first stage.

Texas two step?... no.....oh look! it is the Outer limits sprint!!

Matt times Mr C as he shoots Outer limits, a stage which can make or break you in a match. It sure did me in this time, as it seems I just could not get my act together. Oh well! I had fun regardless of my performance, and that is what the sport is about. If you are not having fun, then go find something else to do.

I finished third behind MR C who shot two guns
Mr C

We had a great time as usual, two meals at our favorite little 50's themed diner in Moxee, and topped it off with a Dairy Queen ice cream when we arrived back on the island. We have a tradition of stopping at DQ when we come back onto the island after a trip away.


Gail Wilson said...

I am glad you had a good time. And of course the idea of ice cream at Dairy Queen would pull me back home to! :) love you, Gail

Anonymous said...

I look forward to my caffeine & sugar before a match too - gives me the energy to get going & helps steady my hand!