Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's a pea souper

Brrr! it is a damp clammy morning, one we are hoping the sun will burn off after a while. This kind of cold, wet fog seeps into your bones, making you shiver and shake and head towards the nearest warm place looking for a hot cup of coffee.


cassie-b said...

It's been nasty and rainy here today. I'm hoping for a nicer,drier day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks there's no difference between your pea souper and our *milch suppe" here in Europe, meaning milk soup.
I went on a small Swiss tour this week, and everywhere it looked soo dull and gloomy.
Nevermind, the next Springtime is sure to show it's lovely face soon again!! ;-)

lowe said...

winters on her way

Gail Wilson said...

Your weather looks just like mine..and the cup of hot chocolate feels sooo good! Gail