Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Back from our mini vacation to AZ

We arrived in Prescott Arizona, late in the day on Wednesday October 27th, to a sky tinted rosy by the setting sun. It was starting to cool off from the 70 degree day we had been enjoying while driving from Phoenix where we flew into and picked out, yes that is right, we had three SUV's to choose from at the vehicle rental agency. We chose a nice silver grey Jeep, which was fairly comfortable, considering it was a 4 wheel drive vehicle, also designed for off road driving.

I loved the beautiful blue sky which greeted us every day. during our five day stay.

After checking into our room at the Best Western Prescottonian, we decided to eat dinner at the on premises, Mexican restaurant, Casa Bonita. When we stepped inside the door, we were greeted with a profusion of gorgeous bright colors. The back of all the chairs had been hand carved and painted in a riot of color. I can imagine what a delight this would have been to a young child, knowing how much they love the brightness of primary colors.

This wall mural was on the wall right above the booth we sat at.
It was difficult to choose from the extensive menu, but I finally settled on chicken fajitas. When the meal arrived my eyes nearly popped out of my head. First came a plate with all the fixin's including a small ramekin with delicious savory beans, and then arrived the plate of sizzling chicken, onion and bell peppers, and the warm fajitas. Oh my! how was I going to eat all that. I did not even manage to chow my way through half of it. I had them box up the rest, and took it back to place in the refrigerator in our room. Sadly the leftovers were tossed out, as every morning we ate a very hearty breakfast at the free buffet which was included in our room rate, then we used to eat out on they way back to the motel after a days outing. Sheesh! my jeans are tight, must of shrunk in the wash or something *chuckle*

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Gail Wilson said...

Your colorful pictures are wonderful!! I am glad you had a good time and are home safely.
Love you, Gail