Friday, November 19, 2010


Whew! thank goodness the weekend is nearly here. I have had a long busy week at work and am still not feeling up to par, so a couple of days rest will be nice.

The forecast is for rather cold temperatures coming up, so we have to be prepared. Have to put insulators over the outside faucets, make sure any plants which can't take the cold are protected, and bring in some firewood so I can sit by the fire and read

I may get a few things for Thanksgiving prepared as I will be working right up 'till the day before, and I hate rushing about on the day, trying to get it all done. Kinda' takes some of the fun out of Thanksgiving when you are too tired to enjoy it.

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Ginco said...

Nothing more irritating than last minute deeds,,,, but get yourself in good shape J. and all will fall into place again - - Get well soon dear friend.