Monday, July 18, 2005

All our Fault

All my complaining about the "bloody" rabbits eating all my flowers is , as I said "all our fault".

Last summer when the plums were ripe and falling off the tree, we noticed how much the rabbits liked to eat the fallen plums.

We started to throw plums to the rabbits and as they grew bolder and came closer we wondered if they would eat out of our hands.

As you can see by the picture, Mike, and our friend Greg , are feeding Momma bunny, notched ear bunny and brown bunny. YEP ! we named them.

They were so tame they would come right up to the house, in fact it seemed when they heard the door open there they were waiting for dessert.

Well, after a while the plums were finished, what now? I know, we have an apple tree, rabbits like apples don't they?

It did not take long before all the apples were finished. hmmmm let's see, Bugs bunny likes carrots , maybe ours do too.

Yes, they did like carrots, but at the same time they discovered the flowers in my new flower bed in front of the house.

This is why we have a nice new fence around my flower bed.

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