Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday Stuff

First of all I am using a New computer.

Yesterday my old one "croaked" so Mike spent hours trying to track down the problem, finally said "to Heck with this! " and proceeded to build me a new one.
How lucky can a girl be?

Today we are going up to the range for some practice as next Saturday we go to Coupville for a shoot, then right afterwards we jump in our RV and head to Missoula Montana for another shoot on Sunday.

Hopefully I will have pictures, all depends on my camera and the person holding it, namely me.

To see the gun I shoot, scroll down to my first post, which was a " practice" run.
For you who don't know, my gun is a Beretta U22Neos.


Anonymous said...

Jenn....your garden is looking wonderful!!! They say rabbit tastes pretty darn good!!!haha, just kidding! I do enjoy your site and all the news. Keep up the good work! gail

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your matches over the next couple of weeks. My wife needs one of those NEO's. But is pretty handy with the little .38 snubby I picked up for her.

Good to keep Mike in line as well, as I am often reminded about the .38 snubby.