Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Missoula Report

How cool is this!

Wow! What a weekend. We left for Missoula right after the shoot at Coupville. It was around 4:50pm when we left Oak Harbor after buying a few things at Wal mart, some munchies,and the real important stuff like, batteries for the red dot scope and ammo. We then drove until 1:30 am, to a rest stop just this side of Missoula Montana, where we grabbed a few hours sleep before heading to the range.

I still cannot believe how well I shot. My personal best table up to then was 5.46 seconds for shooting five bowling pins off a table. I was able to best this record with a 4.02 second table.

With all the great shooting I was doing, I thought I would be somewhere near the winners circle, not in it, but near, as the other shooters were so fast and more experienced than I am.

After the shoot was done, came the award ceremony. There was an award for this event, an award for that event, all going to the guys. Mr. Completely was first in the 22 pistol event.

THEN, I heard Gary say, "the award for "High Lady " goes to Jennifer". I was so delighted , I just knew I had shot well with my total time being 8.53 seconds for ten bowling pins .

There is a more extensive report about our day on Mr. Completely's blog, so click here to go look.


Mr. Completely said...

I kept telling everyone it was all because of her coach and gunsmith, but no one was buying it............

Anonymous said...

Congratsulation Jennifer! Good Job gail