Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New Fence

Our new fence is all finished, and looks great. Mike did a wonderful job of constructing this fence out of PVC lattice and pipe, with wooden posts.

The post holes took some digging as there is several inches of gravel alongside the garden, and the post hole digger Mike used was very poorly designed.

The first few days after the fence was finished, I would see the rabbits sitting outside the fence looking through the lattice. I can just imagine what they were thinking.

The cute little rabbits ( I can call them cute now they are out of my garden) are now back to eating grass in the pasture, and the plums which are ripe and falling off one of the early bearing plum trees.

Thank you Mike, for saving my sanity, and probably some rabbits from the stew pot!

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Anonymous said...

hi Jenn, your fence looks great! Glad to see that the rabbits have moved on!! Good pictures too. gail