Friday, September 30, 2005

New Favorites

I have just added to "My Favorite Bloggers" two blogs I enjoy reading. The first being,

Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea, and chocolate in between

I love this blog, as there are all kinds of interesting articles and facts on coffee, tea and chocolate.

Fantastic recipes for wonderful coffee/chocolate drinks, chocolate chip pudding pie and many others. It makes my mouth water just reading it all.

You will also find links to other Coffee and Tea blogs.

The second blog is,

Mostly Cajun-All American

This blog is written by a Cajun from Louisiana.

One of his stories is about Hurricane Rita and the devastation to his home and life.

When Mostly Cajun returned to his damaged home after Rita passed by, he realized he needed to go get a wet vac from his office to clean up the water.When he returned to his home he found it was on fire.

Sadly all was lost, including four much loved pets, cats named Itty, Splot, Mollie and Callie.
This is a most touching story.

I realized I was reading a story written by an extraordinary person, and this was not the only story, So, go read his stories for yourself, you will see what I am talking about.

You will find the links to these two blogs on the right in MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS

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