Saturday, October 01, 2005

e-Postal Handgun Match #3 Jack-N-Jill

Funny how time seems to get away from us.

Here I was thinking I had plenty of time to polish my shooting skills so I can partner Mr.Completely in the Jack-N-Jill postal hand gun match.

Mr C. has been shooting way longer than I have, and has the whole routine down pat, you know, the stance, the grip etc and etc.

Me, well, I am still working on it. Sometimes when I do not shoot as well as I usually do, I ask myself "what the heck am I doing wrong now, what have I changed, is my grip different, have I changed my stance?" like Mr.C. reminds me, practice, practice practice!

OK I admit, I do not practice as much as I should, then again, I am not as serious a shooter as Mr. C, I shoot more for fun, and it really does not matter too much to me if I win or not, though that being said, I do not care to come dead last, so I guess I had better get my butt out there to the range and get some real practice in, so I can be the best partner I can be, in the Jack-n-Jill postal match.

To read more about how the J & J match works and all the rules, click Here

1 comment:

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I gotta figure out how to get my much better half out (she just started 3rd shift!).
Hope we get in though!

Keep practicing! :)