Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blogger Blastorama

Analogkid and Mollbot go head to head.

We started our day off at the pin range. Analogkid and I had our challenge shoot out, I did manage to win that one, but was beat in the next round by Mollbot. Mollbot, in his turn was beat by JimP.

Mr. Completely shooting his .38 Special wheelgun

Our pumpkin targets

My 22 Beretta just made kinda' neat little holes in the pumpkins, but when I shot Analogkid's 9mm CZ there were nice big holes. What fun!!!

JimP, Mr. Completely and Mollbot intent on making pumpkin puree

Into the garbage with these pieces

Anyone want some Used pumpkin?

Analogkid and Molbot showing what a rifle will do to pumpkins.

We had done our pumpkin shooting at the pistol range, and now have set up at the rifle range. Besides pumpkins, we had cue chalk to shoot at, so cool to see the puff of chalk when it is hit.

Mr. completely shooting Analogkid's Boomershoot rifle

chalk target exploding

Pretty exciting when the chalk is hit. If you look close, on the right side you can see the puff of chalk dust.

Now go to Mr.Completely's site to see more on our fun day.

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The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I wish I could have been there...