Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mr.Completely and Jim P. are at it again!

Yesterdays pin top shoot was the usual stiff competition colored with humor and kidding around.

Mr. Completely, Jim P, and I were standing watching some of the shooters,
(Jim P and Mr. Completely are Arch Rivals, they are both always kidding around planning how to be devious and out-shoot one another.) when I happened to turn just in time to see Mr. C reach out and quickly pluck one wayward hair out of Jim P’s goatee. I swear Jim went about four feet straight up in the air.

My mouth dropped open in surprise at what Mr. C did, then I started to laugh, but you should have seen the look on Jim’s face, it was priceless, where is a camera when you need one?
At first there was a startled expression on Jim’s face, followed by a “ I am going to beat you into the ground” look, followed by another look of “payback is on it’s way!” then we were all laughing.
Mr. Completely better watch out, Jim P is already planning revenge.

As usual, we had a fun time yesterday. Go HERE for Mr. Completely’s write-up on the days events and to see a great picture of Pegi and Scruffy.

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