Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Our Christmas Tree

It is a shame that it is so difficult to get a really good picture of a christmas tree when it is all lit. This tree looks fantastic and the picture does not do it justice.

This year I decided to replace all the lights and have bought both white and blue lights. The blue lights are more towards the trunk of the tree, the white ones on the outer limbs.

Over the years I have collected many, many ornaments. Some from my visits to other states, some from other countries.

For a couple of years I decorated the tree in blues and burgundy, but then decided that I missed seeing all the wonderful decorations I have collected, so now our tree is loaded with as many decorations as I can fit on it. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, the tree is sitting in one of those rotating tree stands, so we can enjoy all the decorations as the tree slowly rotates.

Mr Completely and Rocket (our kitty) have helped me by staying out of the way while I decorated our tree.

Check out HERE what MR.C has to say.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

No guns underneath it?!?!?!?

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Too early for Santa