Thursday, December 07, 2006

Senior Striders Outing

The weather for the Senior Striders weekly outing was cool, no rain and a little blue sky to be seen. A perfect day for a hike through the woods.

Deciding which of the many trails to take.

George, Delia, Helen, Suzie, Gillian, Liz

Upon entering the trail we were awed by the destruction mother nature wrought upon the trees during the heavy snow of a couple of weeks ago.
Look at the two trees which have been bowed by the force of nature.

The trails were littered with downed trees, broken branches and small limbs. We climbed over, and skirted around the debris covering the trail. There was one tree across the trail that the others climbed over, being shorter it was easier for me to bend over and go under. I always manage to find the easiest way to do things. *grin*

Liz navigating her way over a fallen tree.

Some one had taken the time to stop and build a small cairn, and placed a lucky penny on top. I love to find these little surprizes as I explore.

As we hiked up over some of the higher terain we came across snow which has not melted away yet. Suzie, who was bringing up the rear, could not resist making a couple of snowballs and lobbing them at Gillian who was leading the way. Helen did a little payback with a well placed snowball to Susie's neck.

We had a wonderful hike through Saratoga Preserve, all the exercise, climbing over fallen logs and up and down the trails, and being out in the fresh air made us all feel so good by the time we returned to the parking lot beside this old building.
We all eagerly look forward to Thursday mornings and our outings.


Ginco said...

I'm very envious! Think I'll join you guys next Thursday, LOL!
Not only good exercise, but it clears the mind and soothes the soul!
We've had so much rain recently, so I'll avoid the woods - for now. :-))

Anonymous said...

What could be better than being with friends and walking with Nature.

Mary Lou said...

I wish I was healthy enough to join you guys, but I cant walk that far! YET!