Thursday, December 14, 2006

Senior Striders, Stride Ebey's Landing

Our outing this morning was to Ebey's landing. We managed to get our hike in, and head back home before the rain came down, and come down it did. There is another storm predicted for this evening with MORE gale force winds. We are prepared in this household with everything needed if the power goes off.
As usual, click on the pictures for a larger view.

From the parking lot, looking up towards the bluff where we will be hiking in a short time.

Liz, Ray, Carmi, Gillian and Helen, pose before we set out.

Here we are about half way to the bluff. The climb was quite gentle and if you took is easy, it was a very pleasant walk.

Looking back towards the carpark we had left a short time before.

Even further up the trail.

Ray and Gillian up ahead almost to the place where we turn and head inland.

Looking back out over the waters of Puget Sound. You can just see a freighter steaming past in the distance.

We are now hiking the prairie. The colors of ploughed field and grassland is so lovely.

Walking the old fenceline.

Looking back across the prairie towards the coast.

A farmhouse and out buildings in the distance, surrounded by lovely green pasture and the rich earth of the ploughed fields. We will be walking on a paved road in front of this home on our way back to our vehicles.

Now we are about three quarters around the loop we are walking, back on a paved road.
Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy, I was still moving when I took it.

In the far distance you can almost make out the fenceline we walked along before descending back onto the paved road.

The farmhouse from the front.

On the other side of the road from the farmhouse, is this old homestead. Those are cabbages growing in front.

Down the road we stroll back to the parking lot and the end of our hike.

A quick couple of pictures of the beach before driving home.

I would love to come back to this beach soon and do some exploring.

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