Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some days are like that.

Yesterday I was all set for a day at work. Lunch all packed, and a book to read if it was quiet.

The morning turned out to be very busy, as besides the clients coming in to the spa, there were many voice mail messages to be taken care of.

Finally time for lunch came around, so I opened the fridge for the jar of soup I had grabbed from the fridge at home. I whipped off the top ready to heat the soup in the microwave and came to a complete stop. In my haste I had grabbed the same kind of jar containing gravy. Yes, that is correct, gravy. I could not stop laughing, gravy for lunch would have been fine if I had mashed potatoes to go with it, so instead I settled for the crackers I had packed to go with my soup.

I suppose in the future I had better pay attention, or label the jars *smile*


Anonymous said...

you could have dipped the crakers in your soup.


Anonymous said...

Still laughing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.. I can imagine your shock when you realized what was in the jar. Too funny! :-)