Saturday, February 17, 2007

Way Cool!!

Wandering around the yard this morning, camera in hand as usual, I found something worthy of a photo.

This tulip has grown up through the center of a fallen leaf. How often do you see this?

I had my finger on the key to post this, when MrC, who was just about to step outside, called out
" J. come see this" I asked if I would need my camera and he said, yes.
This baby garter snake was right outside the door, making his way across the porch. I took a few pictures, then left him alone so he could go about his business.


steve said...

you have snakes in your garden!
do garter snakes bite?

oh and thats a very nice picture of you on your blog

Anonymous said...


I get excited if I see a hedgehog


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you already have tulips sprouting.. and through the center of a leaf. I guess that is being in the right place at the right time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Steve, no garter snakes do not bite, but they do a wonderful job of eating all the insects.
Thanks for the compliment on my picture, MrC took that one the day of my birthday.
Helen we do not have hedgehogs, we did in NZ and i miss these cute little creatures.
Coll, I am so happy with all the bulbs which are doing so well this year. I can hardly wait to show pictures of the blooms.