Monday, March 26, 2007

To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question

I am sure all of you have had times, when either finding the time, searching out material, or wanting to post on your blog has almost become a chore. The last few days I have other things to do, one of which is deciding what colors to paint the kitchen. The decision is getting to be more difficult as I really cannot make up my mind what colors to paint the walls. I think I will take pictures and have you, my readers give me some ideas.

I have spent very little time in the garden as it has been too cold to be outdoors for any length of time.
I took this photo at 6:30am this morning. As you see the Tulips are almost open and are teasing me with their promise of color. This is the first year forTulips in this garden, so I am excited to see what colors they will be. I am sure if we have a couple of warm days the petals will open showing me their velvety splendor.


Ginco said...

With tulips boasting in the garden, Spring is finally here!!
A great idea to post a few pics of your kitchen Keewee, we'll do our very best to advise you - and then we'll all invade your house for a glass of wine, LOL!!!

Rivrdog said...

Paint it white, cooking will change the color....

No, really, a kitchen is an industrial area, KeeWee. Complex tasks are performed there (and by reading your blog, I know that you are able to perform all of them well), and the color of the walls is not half as important as is the product from your kitchen.

Or, in the alternative, let the County decide. The waste folks collect paint, throw it all into a huge mixer, and resell it dirt cheap. It usually has a pinkish, off-white color in the interior grades, and it's damn near free. Around here it sells for less than $5/gallon, so you can afford to put on several coats, which will make it more scrubbable.

Don't worry about the blogging blahs...they happen to all of us. Take a few days off.

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

I am looking forward to your color choices Keewee. And keep thinking "Spring Is Just Around The Corner!!". Well, at least for some of you!!

Anonymous said...

To blog or not to blog.. I seem to have the same query at the moment.

Anonymous said...

To blog or not to blog.. I seem to have a similar query at this time.