Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Coulee Playland, here we come.

Our RV is nearly packed and ready for our four days away from the daily grind.
Friday bright and early, that is, as early as I can get MrC out of bed, we will hit the road for Bank's lake. This is the Fishin' club's annual trek to Coulee Playland campground, and this year it looks as though it may be the largest turnout ever.

I have prepared food for our stay including Kowloon chicken and rice for the potluck on Saturday. The cooked rice has been sealed in those "boil in the bags" and can be readily reheated. The chicken, which actually, is going to be cooked in my slow cooker will be done tomorrow. I discovered crock pot cooker bags which makes the cleanup a breeze ( they are similar to Reynold's oven bags) Hopefully I will be able to lift the bag of cooked chicken out of the crock pot in one piece, put the whole thing into a container which will fit into the small fridge in the RV. I will take the crock pot with us, as I can put the bag of chicken back into it, turn it on low and it will heat through while we are out fishing, and be ready for the potluck in the afternoon upon our return. Anyhow, that is the plan.
Tomorrow I finish up preparing the rest of the camp out food, probably should have cookies, and some other treats. Of course, I have MrC's Favorites, some really great Johnsonville "Beddar with cheddar" smoked sausage, chicken with gouda and apple sausage, for me, and for dessert some big fat marshmallows to toast over the coals. Hmmm, I should go downstairs and bring up a bottle of wine to take along, to wash it all down with.

I will take many pictures to show you what a grand time we have on these outings. Perhaps, I will have a few pictures for you on Tuesday night, depends on how tired I am after travelling back on Monday and working all Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time on your get away. It does sound like fun.

Crock pot cooker bags.. I will have to look for these.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see them.


Phyllis said...

Kowloon chicken???
Hmmm, I must look that up on Google.
You have a great time. Don't worry about not watering your garden here, God is taking care of that right now.