Thursday, July 05, 2007

Entertainment at it's best

6am this morning, and all is quiet after last night's performance.

Last evening, MrC and I had front row seats, from our home, for a spectacular show of fireworks. All along the shore, the beach was dotted with bonfires and the clear inky blue of the sky was a perfect backdrop for the vibrant colors of balls of exploding stars, corkscrews of silver which burst into red white and blue as they were propelled many feet into the air, and many more fabulous fireworks.
The air vibrated with thumps, squeals, high pitched shrieks, bangs, pops and fizzes as the gorgeous fireworks were launched into the semi darkness of the night sky.

Who needs to leave home to see a fireworks display, when you have one almost in your front yard, how fortunate, we are.


Anonymous said...

I bet it was beautiful!!

Phyllis said...

You do have a beautiful view there!
I love the Olympics when they have fresh snow on them.

steve said...

yes you do have a beautifull view, hope everything is going ok not been on much but will post today.