Sunday, July 29, 2007

Live every day to the fullest.

and try or do something new.

Goodness, our weather is so changeable. Yesterday I was outside most of the day working in the garden enjoying T shirt temperatures. Today, is quite a lot cooler.

This morning bright and early, MrC and I prepared to drive up to CWSA range for a falling plate shoot. We were almost out the door, when MrC asked if I wanted to take a jacket. I did have a T shirt and a zip up hoodie on but thought it may sprinkle a little as the skies were rather overcast, so tossed my jacket onto the back seat of the car.

Later on that morning, I thanked my honey for the good advise in prompting me to take a jacket, as I ended up wearing my jacket over my T shirt and hoodie. Yes, it was that cool and the sun did not warm things up until we had done shooting around noon, and even then, it was not anywhere near yesterdays temperatures.

Driving up to the range, we passed by Greenbank, where the annual Loganberry Festival was being held, and I mentioned, that next year, if there was not a match at the range, I would drive up to Greenbank and wander around the festival to check out what was going on.

As we drove back home, my tummy started to tell me it was time to eat and I said to MrC I was hungry, to which he replied, "there are food booths at the Loganberry festival, we can stop by and grab something to eat"
You did not have to ask me twice, I said "let's do it" so we found a place to park the car and started our walk around the farm. MrC went towards the stage to listen to the band which was playing and I went in search of food.

All I had to do was follow the enticing aroma of food wafting on the breeze. I passed by the wine tasting booths. Actually, I looked at all the delicious wines, and decided it would not be a good idea to sample on an empty stomach, falling down drunk was not on the agenda for today *grin* I passed by a hot dog stand, no, that is not what the taste buds were searching for, same with the Greek food, didn't want healthy organic filled wraps, did not want curly fries, seafood, hmmmm perhaps, no that is not what I want, THEN, I saw a booth which had a large sign on the front saying African Food.
Now here was something which made me sit up and take notice. I asked myself, Just what kind of food do they eat in Africa? only one way to find out, go get some.

I can tell you, I was not disappointed. There were several different choices to be made and I chose to buy the combination plate. The combination plate consisted of black eyed peas, hominy, a green vegetable, which could have been spinach, and a Samoosa which is a triangular, filled pastry, probably an egg type wrapper, which was fried. All the different foods were prepared with wonderful spices, garlic, and other ingredients I could not identify, and I was offered a choice of three different sauces, and was given all three around the edge of the plate.

What a delightful taste sensation, I could have gone back for seconds, if I had not wanted to leave room for a chocolate dipped, loganberry ice cream bar made locally by Mike Rudd & Mary Stoll of Whidbey Ice cream Co.

What another great day in the life of Keewee and her sweetheart MrC.


Anonymous said...

I've never had African food. It sounds delicious. We're going to the fair in Bethlehem PA this year, and I'll look for a booth with African food. It's nice that you got a combination plate. That way you get to sample lots of things.


Anonymous said...

It truly does sound like a wonderful day. :-) The African food sounds like something I would like to try.

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Now that's what I call a great day! What a great life my friend. How'd you do at the shoot Keewee?