Monday, July 23, 2007

Montana trip - Part two, The shooters and awards

Sunday 22nd was a whole day of bowling pin shooting.
MrC and I were out at the range early, parked the RV in a shady spot under the trees and waited for the events to start.
I was also waiting for my dearest friend Hostagirl to arrive from Darby, about an hours drive from Missoula. We had not seen each other for about a year, so it was quite a reunion.

Jason, originally from Alaska, is shooting a 45 H&K
A mighty fine shooter.

MrC shooting his Taurus, model 66.

Mike H is being timed by MrC

MrC has one bowling pin off the table and one left to bite the dust, and darned hot and dusty it was indeed.

Rivrdog, this one is for you, just proves MrC does not always shoot something with a red dot sight, and can you see, he has one pin off the table and the others followed in rapid succession.

There were all calibers of guns, but this M60 machine gun was certainly, in my eyes, the most awesome.

As the day's event was a fund raiser, you could shoot this M60 for $1 per round, so with a pull of the trigger, and a spray of bullets, you have donated to the cause any where from $25 to $100 or more.

Just because you are disabled, does not mean you can't enjoy a sport. This gentleman impressed me in the way he could insert the magazine and shoot the gun one handed.
"way to go"

Gary M showing his expertise in blasting the bowling pins off the table.

Everyone who attended the event, has Gary to thank, for organizing this wonderful day of bowling pin shooting. There is a tremendous amount of work involved in putting on an event like this.

This gentleman made short work of knocking the bowling pins off the table with his rifle.

Dan is being timed by Ty, as he blasted the pins off the table into the dust using a shotgun.

Just a couple of short bursts to get the feel of the M60 before shooting from the hip.

And shoot from the hip he did. You should have seen the grin on his face, it could not have been wider.
You can't see the action, but you can see the smoke as many rounds were sent down range.

MrC asked if I wanted to shoot the M60 I declined, it was a little too much gun for me.

The shooting was over and we were taking down all the equipment used, and walking under the mister set up to help keep us cool in the 105 degreee temperatures.

I asked MrC if he was praying while under the cooling mist, but he says he was holding his camera out of the mist.

Shooters at this event were male and female, junior, senior, and somewhere in between.
At the award ceremony, these sisters each received an award.

Even though,I had enjoyed my day's shooting, I was less than pleased with my performance, so was very surprised when my name was called to come up and get my certificate for third place in the .22 pistol event.

The award for High Lady also came my way.

All I can say is, that I came home feeling quite pleased with myself for doing better than I had thought, and the icing on the cake, was to visit with Hostagirl and her husband JW


Anonymous said...

Well done


mistaya's M.O.M. said...

The day spent at the pin shoot was the best day for me in a very long time! Hmmmmm...I can still feel those hugs!! I have to say to everyone...that lady Keewee can sure shoot a gun!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that Mr. C is holding his camera out of the mist? Looks like something else entirely.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Looks like a super time, keewee!