Monday, November 05, 2007

Family, I am on my way. Put the tea kettle on.

Just four and a half hours and I will be sitting on the shuttle taking me on the first leg of my journey to visit my homeland.
From Seattle by United Airlines to San Fransisco, by Air New Zealand to Auckland, then a "puddle jumper" 45 minute flight to Palmerston North where I was born and raised.
I did sleep quite well last night, considering the apprehension/excitement rush I have, though I was awake at my usual body clock time of 6am, 5am on the clock now daylight saving has kicked in.

My largest suitcase was all packed,weighed and ready to go last night. I managed to get under the 50lbs allowed, for one suitcase, just over 40lbs. I can tell you, for a petite person such as myself, hauling a 40lb suitcase off a carousel is quite enough, thank you. I am taking a smaller carry on bag containing all the gifts, and a backpack with a good book to read a travel blanket and inflatable pillow with a nice soft cover, and a few snacks to get me by until my flight leaves San Fransisco 7 pm tonight. I am not going to take the chance of the gifts going missing somewhere between the States and New Zealand so they will be with me at all times.

Last night I received an email from Tina's Aunt Tina is very excited, looking forward to seeing you I am afraid you will probably get a shock as she is becoming very bad with the Huntington's.
I am sure nothing is going to prepare me for the way my baby girl looks now. (She will celebrate her 38Th birthday on the 14Th of November) There is an 8x10 photo on the wall beside me, showing a cute dark haired smiling lovely young lady.
If any of you saw that anorexic model on TV lately, I am preparing myself to see my daughter looking like her, only very unsteady on her feet, a loss of control over her body movements and a loss of clear speech.

I will endeavor to keep you posted from NZ, but please give me a day or two, to get settled in and recover from the flight.


Anonymous said...

I hope that everything goes well for you.


Mary Lou said...

fly safe dear friend! We will be here watching for updates.

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Hi girlfriend, I will be anxiously awaiting your first post from you homeland!! I hope you have a great flight and sleep well.