Thursday, November 15, 2007

Last post from Aotearoa - New Zealand

This will be my last post until I get back to USA.
I have been running all over in the little Toyota Corolla I have rented, visiting friends, looking at all the houses I have lived in growing up in Palmerston North, and driving into town to wander around and seeing what, if anything is left of the old city as I remembered it. Sadly much has changed.

I have done some shopping, well actually I have walked the town several times over, trying to make up my mind what I really want to buy, as I am on a limited budget, DANG IT ANYWAY!!

I admit, I am missing my home on Whidbey Island, my Honey, and of course Rocket our cat. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit so far and the time has just flown by way too quickly.

The days for the most part have been sunny, though there has been some rain which did not last too long. The seasons have changed as they have done there the States, where the really nice warm weather used to be December /January it is now March /April I guess I will plan to come back when it is warmer. Anyone got a few extra $$$$'s they do not want? *chuckle*

There is something I took for granted when I lived here, and that is the song of all the birds. As I sit here at my brother's PC I am listening to many songbirds singing, what a joyful sound.

The visits every day with my daughter, are pretty exhausting mentally, so returning to my cabin at the end of the day gives me a chance to rest and recharge for the next day. I know she has enjoyed my visit and it will be difficult to say goodbye on Tuesday.

Well that is all for now, stay tuned and I will have pictures for you in the near future, that is, when I get over my jet lag and have settled in back on Whidbey Island.


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a safe, uneventful trip home.

And I hope you decided on something to purchase.


Mary Lou said...

Enjoy the rest of your visit and we will be here waiting for your pictures!

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Hi girlfriend...I am so glad you have been having such a great adventure "down under". But it will sure be wonderful to have you back in the States and I can actually hear your voice on the phone!!!

Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds fabulous. I know I would love the songbirds, especially. I also understand how good it feels to be back home.