Thursday, March 27, 2008


KitchenAid Chrome Food Processor

My tax return is a fairly good one this year. I figured I worked hard all last year so I deserve to treat myself.
I have been wanting a food processor for years, so when this one went on sale I jumped at the chance to buy it.
It comes with a generous capacity bowl, two feed tubes (a tall one for long foods items like zucchini and a narrow tube for single items like carrots or celery) and a two-piece food pusher.
Also a multi-purpose blade, you can chop, mince, blend, mix or emulsify foods quickly and easily. A slicing or shredding discs (2- and 4-mm slicing discs and 4-mm shredding disc) a dough blade, which lets you mix and knead bread or pizza dough; a spatula, a 4-cup mini bowl and mini blade so you can chop fresh herbs and nuts, mince garlic or puree sauces.
Also included is a storage case to hold the blades, discs and cleaning tool.

I can hardly wait until my gift arrives.


Mary Lou said...

I have one in white, and I LOVE it. cant beat those Kitchenaid's!

Rivrdog said...

Third Bah! of the day so far.

These machines are marvelous, but they were designed with two things in mind which make them unsuitable for the home:

1. They were designed for large-volume processing of food. Few home-makers do large volume ANYTHING.

2. They are difficult and time-consuming to clean after use. In the commercial settings they were designed for, kitchen porters and the like would be set to cleaning them, and the actual cooks wouldn't have to lift a finger. Also not true of home-makers.

For the money involved, you can get a set of high-quality knives, and maybe even a good knife sharpener to keep them sharp.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...



The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I love mine.
They're not THAT bad to clean, but the time it takes to clean it, vs the time it takes to chop stuff up is a large difference.

(4 seconds vs 5 minutes).

Now if I could just get the wife to use it more often... ;)