Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Looking at some of the blogs I read on a regular basis, I noticed some of my blogger friends had not posted anything in a while. Then I took a look at when I did my last post, and saw it was last week since I had made an effort. Sheesh! where does the time go?
I must admit I really do not have enough time in the mornings on my work days, to blog, then after I arrive home, fix dinner, and rest for a while, the urge to create something worthwhile to post, just slips away.

This morning at 11am I had an appointment for my annual physical, and to have my blood drawn to check my cholesterol and liver function, as I am currently taking a cholesterol lowering medication.

I duly arrived 10 minutes before my appointment, only to find that the Dr. was running late, so by the time I was shown into the examination room it was 11:30. I was hoping to be eating a sandwich by this time as I had to fast in preparation for the blood draw. The nurse who took my vitals said that she would look into my having my blood drawn while we were waiting for the Dr. to finish up with her patient. I was fine with this, just get the bloody job done as I do not care overly much for the procedure.

The tech who draws the blood was busy so the nurse prepared to do the job. I sat down put my arm on the table and prepared myself for..... Oh S--t!! It hit me like a brick on the back of the head, this was a nurse. (Yes I know nurses draw blood, but not all day long as the techs at this clinic do) soI dropped my head so I would not see what was about to happen, and prepared for an unpleasant experience.

Being petite, I have VERY small veins, and from experience I know it takes a tech with a lot of skill to draw my blood quickly so I feel little or no discomfort at all. Today was not to be one of those times.
I felt the straw sized needle enter my alcohol swabbed arm and gritted my teeth. Ah! she has found the vein, NOT, she pushed a little more and said "there it is" Uh Oh, my tummy was feeling squeamish and my head was starting to buzz, not a good sign. Please, please, lets get this over with. It took her forever to fill the vial, and I could feel myself getting more light headed, which I mentioned to the nurse. She removed the first vial of blood and proceeded to get a little more "just in case the Dr. needs more for a further test.
At long last, the procedure was over and I was sitting on the chair with my head between my legs gasping in deep breaths trying to stop the feeling I was going to faint. Finally I started to feel better, and the nurse offered some water and a girl scout cookie which I thought a good idea, as I am sure my blood sugar level was down due to having to fast overnight and it was now 11:45 and the last thing I had eaten was 6:30 pm yesterday.

I sipped the water and nibbled the chocolate mint cookie, enjoying the moment, then another wave of dizziness overtook me. Dang, now I was feeling like a regular sissy, I have not fainted or felt this way since I was a child. I think by this time the nurse was feeling a little concerned, she took my pulse, it was still ticking along just as it should be, so the nurse had me lie down on the examination table with my legs raised on a pillow, until the Doctor could see me.

In came my Doctor, cheerful as usual, and proceeded to look at my chart. "Hmmmmm, you are not due to have your physical until June, it is your blood draw we needed to day. I wonder why the office sent you notice to come in for your physical today?"
Can't say I was sorry to get dressed and leave the clinic, with out my physical as I really had, had enough for one day.

I drove across the highway to Pickles, a wonderful little cafe which serves the best Panini I have ever had. I sat in the warmth with my Chicken, tomato basil Panini and a Sweet cup of Coffee and made a full recovery before driving the few miles home.


Phyllis said...

What town is Pickle's in? Freeland? Where?
By the way, the Athletic Club on the highway in Freeland is a great place!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Phyllis, Pickles is at Ken's corner.
I know about the athletic club, but it is way too expensive for me.

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

FWIW, next time ask them to use a butterfly needle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_needle . I also have wimpy veins and this helps a lot. Glad you are feeling better.

R&T Mom

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

My goodness keewee, that's an interesting way to spend a day!! I am glad you are feeling okay!

Maria Verivaki said...

and i hope all the tests are clear!

Ted said...

Felt really sorry for you as the story progressed. Been there and done that but its not because I am Petite. Your right about the regular blood drawers as they usually hit the vein first time everytime and it is over in a flash. Hate it but you did well.