Monday, March 24, 2008


This morning when I first looked out the kitchen window I noticed there had been a frost last night. Immediately I thought about the new plants in the pot by the front door, hoping the frost had not damaged them, so I walked through the house to check on the new tender plants.
I opened the door and........whirrrr, whirrr, whirrrr, there, just about one foot in front of my face was a hummingbird. It hovered for about half a minute, seemingly looking right at me, then flitted off around the corner of the house. I immediately rushed back into the kitchen to check out the hummingbird feeder I set out last week, and sure enough there was my little friend busily sucking down sugar water as fast as he could.
I am very excited to see my first hummer of the season, as they are one of my favorite birds to observe.
My new plants did survive the frost, this is a happy day.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I'm always anxious to see the first signs of spring.

Have a great week!


Ginco said...

How lovely they are, at least you guys get to feel the first signs of Spring, we've freezing our toes off here!

Anonymous said...

A happy day for sure.. flowers and hummers.. spring has definitely sprung. :-)

Unknown said...

Wow, we are lucky to see a fat pigeon! ;)