Monday, April 14, 2008

Join the circus...I don't think so.

Goodness, it is almost a week since I have posted anything on Keewee's Corner. Sometimes I wonder how I have filled in my week. This past week, I have done a couple of posts on Keewee's Garden, worked either a full or half a day at my job, then on the days which were not too cold or wet, done some more on getting the vegetable garden built.

My honey, MrC is sooooo good about helping do all the heavy work, also getting the garden site square and level. Next we have to make a run up to Oak Harbor to Home Depot, to purchase fence posts and wire for the perimeter fence, as we have deer and rabbits who would love to have fresh greens for their meal every day. There are also the raised beds to be constructed out of the wood we have already.

Yesterday, MrC and I drove up to the range at Coupeville for the first steel hanging plate match of the season, then after we had finished shooting, we drove back to the house to grab a couple of things before driving to Clinton to catch the ferry to Mukilteo. We drove for about another hour and a half to Gig Harbor to shoot in another match. This event was something I had never shot before. There were clay pigeons, used in trap shooting, attached to a wire frame, four orange on either side of a black, which was the stop plate, or in this case a stop clay pigeon.
The idea was for you and your opponent to shoot the four orange clay pigeons then shoot the black one last. We were allowed only five rounds of ammo and all the orange HAD to be shot before the black, other wise your opponent was awarded a point. Anyhow, I was very pleased to have found my focus again. The last few shoots of last season I was not doing well at all, but this time, at both matches I was able to get back in the so called ZONE. It is a little difficult to explain what this is all about, except to say it is all about mindset, concentration, controlling the Adrenalin rush, and telling yourself YOU CAN DO THIS, and by golly I did, by ending up NOT down in the final standings.
So I will continue with my hobby of target shooting with more confidence.

Today it is a damp dreary day, a day I had planned on getting more work done on the garden, but instead,I will catch up on all the indoor chores so when the weather does improve, I will be able to play outside without feeling guilty about leaving things indoors in a mess.

I really have to be more diligent in posting every couple of days so you all, don't think I have" run away to join the circus"


Anonymous said...

it's hard to fit everything in this time of year

Helen aka LOM

Maria Verivaki said...

that is one fine hobby you have - keeps you very active!

Mary Lou said...

Got your garden covered ready for the snow this weekend? Can you BELIEVE that!

Anonymous said...

Your garden sounds like it is going to be so nice. I have a little fence around my garden as well.. but it is to keep out my dogs who both seem to love munching on peas. :-) The rabbits are too busy eating my flowers to worry about my garden it seems. :-)

Maria Verivaki said...

you're so right about sweet potato not tasting right any more...