Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I take my camera everywhere, even to work. Today I was at the rural home of one of my clients. This property has a wonderful spring fed pond, and many lovely Rhododendrons and Azaleas which are just covered in blooms.

Little legs paddling like crazy to keep up with Mama duck, are four of the twelve ducklings in this family. Mama duck was very nervous about my presence and kept her brood close by. This is the first family of ducklings so far, this season.

A large worker bee, nose down in a blossom, going about the business of collecting nectar and coming out all covered in bright yellow pollen.

This wasp appeared to be enjoying the warmth of the sun.


Maria Verivaki said...

spring really is a glorious season

Anonymous said...

Yay Spring!! :-)

Those ducklings are just too adorable!

Maria Verivaki said...

of course you take your camera everywhere - so do I!