Saturday, July 26, 2008


Jennifer’s big formal wedding was fast approaching and she was delighted to hear that her Mom, Sheila, emerging from a nasty divorce, had finally found the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress.

Two days later, she was shocked to learn that her new young stepmother, Fawn, had purchased the same dress.

She asked her stepmother to buy another dress since her Mom had already altered her purchase. Fawn refused.

After two more weeks of frustrating shopping, Sheila found a dress that was not as nice as the first, but would serve.

When asked by a friend what she would do with her original dress, she grinned and replied, “I’m wearing it to the rehearsal dinner!”


Anonymous said...

Oh I like this one.

Maria Verivaki said...

that's a good one, but it would not work in crete: we dont do wedding rehearsals,and i if i tried to explain this notion to anyone, they'd stare at me blankly