Tuesday, July 15, 2008



MrC and I had a very nice weekend away from the daily grind. On Friday evening, after we arrived at our friends home, and set up the RV etc. we rode with our friends in their car, to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. The food was excellent as was the conversation.

From where I sat I looked directly at a family of four. Mom, Dad and two little boys who were probably two and four years old. At first I was not really paying too much attention to the family, but something caught my eye, and that was all the food on the floor under the highchair of the youngest child. I don't mean a few crumbs, I mean, what looked like almost all of the food from this kid's plate, whole tortilla and all the fixin's. To say the least I was appalled that the parents were not paying close attention to their child, in fact as time went by it was plainly obvious they did not care about the mess, and as they got up to leave, shrugging their shoulders, brushed the rest of the food from their kids, onto the chairs and floor and left the restaurant stepping on some of the food as they went. I wondered what their home looked like.

Saturday morning, bright and early, John, MrC and I decided to eat breakfast at a 50's themed diner before spending a day at the range, shooting a Fun Steel match. It had been years since eating at a diner like this one, the food was delicious and the atmosphere took me back to memory lane, it was wonderful. John's wife Jeanette, is not a shooter, so stayed at home for some much needed R&R.

At the range we set up in our squads and proceeded to shoot the six stages. Now, I was not sure how I was going to perform as it had been several months since I had done any shooting at all, but I was pleasantly surprised and performed rather well. The placings have not yet been posted so I do not know where I ranked. It was extremely warm as we walked from bay to bay shooting the various stages and thank goodness we had an old umbrella in the RV which helped keep the sun off of me. I do not do well in the heat and was glad the day ended when it did as I was getting to feel very uncomfortable and irritable. We drove back to our friend's home for a nice cold drink then enjoyed a BBQ, under the shade of some lovely tall trees, which surround their home in the woods.

Yesterday, Monday, it was back to work for me. I was to work just four hours, then planned on returning home to work on my gardens But you know what they say about " the best laid plans" I received a call at my first clients home, asking if I would pick up an extra shift, to cover for a care giver who called in sick. Big hearted me . said yes I would do it, so ended up arriving home around 6pm.
As I climbed out of my car, I glanced at the vegetable garden, as is my usual habit, and thought I saw a row of peas moving. There wasn't any wind, so it could not be the wind moving my peas and as I looked closer I saw a tiny rabbit, up on his hind legs, happily munching on MY PEAS. Oh S--T, I said to myself and ran to the garden to grab hold of that little criminal by the ears, hold him up, and give him a lecture. Of course he was too quick for me and as I chased him he hopped very quickly towards the wire fence, we thought as rabbit proof, and wriggled his way through and out the other side, sheesh!!!!
The outcome of all this drama, was a quick trip to the hardware store for a couple of rolls of chicken wire, and with the much appreciated help from my honey, we now have 27 inches of chicken wire covering the " will not keep LITTLE bunnies out, wire " around my garden. I sure hope this works, if not then there will be another trip to the hardware store for enough chicken wire to make the fence higher.
Update: So far so good. I have seen the little rabbits sitting outside the fence looking in. *grin*

Next project is to build a squirrel feeder so they will leave the bird seed alone. They have knocked two of my bird feeders to the ground resulting in broken feeders which cannot be repaired. The next feeders I buy will be the type the squirrels cannot get bird seed from.

That is about all for now, there are a few weeds in the garden needing to be pulled.


Mary Lou said...

I just gave up and put a 2' square platform feeder up on a 4x4 post. ALL of the birds use it and even some I never would have gotten, and the squirrels and the birds share equally. No more broken feeders either.

Maria Verivaki said...

lovely to hear about the strained yoghurt you made.
as for your garden, it really has become a bit of a zoo!