Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am still alive and kicking.

No, I have not left the country, gone on vacation, or are too danged lazy to write anything. I have been spending all my time on my other blog, Keewee's Garden. I have been spending hours outside tending my flowers and getting the vegetable garden planted.

I love this time of year when the garden starts to wake up after it's long winter snooze. I go out every day to see what has survived the severe winter we had, it seems almost everything has, except for an Agapanthus and perhaps one of my favorite Hostas Whaaaa! I know for sure the Agapanthus is a goner, but I will wait and see about the Hosta, it may just be late in showing it's self.

Well, I'll be, It is hailing outside. Two days ago I was outside in the garden wearing a tee shirt because it was so hot, and here we right now, having a hailstorm. Sheesh! the weather is crazy. I hope my veggies are OK, danged if I am running out there to check on them.

It is just one month until we go to Amsterdam, I am becoming so excited. I have not been to Europe before, so it is going to be quite an experience. I will have some thing to blog about for weeks. You are going to be so sick and tired of seeing and reading all about my trip. *grin*

Well, as I am still working part-time, I had better get moving, and ready myself for my day.
You all have a wonderful day, and I hope where you are, there is a little sunshine.

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Mary Lou said...

I planted my tomatoes last Monday, and what happened on WEDNESDAY??? Yep....Cold hard white stuff fell from the sky and covered them!