Friday, April 17, 2009

A pretty yellow calendar

These days, the only way I can keep my schedule straight, is to keep a calendar, updated with my work and vacation schedule.
This year there is almost more fluorescent
yellow highlighter on the pages than there are white squares.

May, MrC and I are off to Amsterdam so he can shoot in the European Steel Challenge.

June, is our annual camping trip to Banks Lake with the Fishin' Club.

July, we pack up our RV and drive down to Missoula MT to compete in the Montana Shooting Sports Celebrity Bowling Pin Shoot. This one I will be shooting in.

August, we fly down to California where MrC will compete in The World Steel Challenge in Piru.

September, is the annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous, held in Reno.

October, I can't believe there is NO yellow highlighter on this page. Hmmm! better do something about that. *grin*

November, yours truly, is going to visit family in New Zealand.

That is all the big stuff, there are smaller trips in between. There will be an exclamation at the end of the year "whew! we made it!"


lom said...

Sounds like a fun year, enjoy. How is hubby feeling now?

Maria Verivaki said...

another nz trip, i am jealous

Ginco said...

It sure looks like you guys have loads of exciting plans lined up for this year - - - keeping score with the help of your calendar is a goood idea, now you can see how the planned trips are getting closer and closer!!