Monday, August 31, 2009

Progress report on my new garden

Early June 2009 I started work on my new Shade garden. Here is a slide show from the beginning up until 8/31/2009. I still have plenty more to do before it will be finished, that is, if a garden is ever complete. Us gardeners are inclined to change our minds about the location of plants, and of course we are always buying new plants to add to our gardens.

I have moved plants from the flower bed in front of the house into the shade garden, and planted quite a few hellebore which were in pots, into the terraced beds and alongside the path which leads down the incline. I am anxious to see how this is all going to look next year, after the plants have had a chance to settle in and put on a spurt of growth in the spring and summer. A friend has offered some ferns from her place so I had better get my shovel and go dig them and get them into the ground before the cool weather gets here.


tina said...

Aren't new gardens fun? Fresh ground just waiting for the plants. I like how you edged this new shade garden with the rocks. It looks like it is tiered a bit too. It will bring great color to the shady area.

lom said...

coming along nicely