Saturday, February 06, 2010

It is easier than I thought it would be

The sunrise was so beautiful this morning, heralding a lovely day ahead.

Tomorrow it will be one full week of my diet and exercise program. So far I have pretty much stayed on track and have lost 1lb which is enough for one week.
I am still playing around with menus, and every evening I plan ahead for the next days meals and snacks. At the end of the day, if I like the food I have chosen and feel full and satisfied, I print out a copy so I can repeat the menu in the future.I am not one to eat the same foods day after day, as it becomes very boring and will eventually lead me to look for something new, and usually I eat some thing which is convenient and not on my plan. I then get upset
and scold myself for falling off the wagon.
Today, I am joining a group for a two hour hike. Saturdays will be a good for me as I do not work on the weekends, work does get in the way of play *chuckle*
I will let you know tomorrow how the hike goes.

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Gail Wilson said...

How wonderful that you found a hiking group so close to home. I hope you have a wonderful hike today and many more in the near future!!