Sunday, July 04, 2010

A quick trip before the mad rush of the 4th of July celebrations.

Friday morning we drove East across Snoqualmie Pass to Ellensburg, and from there South to Yakima, and then East a bit more to Moxee, WA. and the Sun Valley Gun Club's range. How nice it was to find some sunshine. We planned on shooting the match on Saturday and heading back home right after the match, so as to avoid most of the crush of 4th of July traffic.

Mr C enjoying a cool soda while sitting on a bench on the skeet shooting range, just in front of where we parked our RV for the night.

Looking back from the clubhouse towards our RV.

One of the resident birds in the clubhouse, Angel, as the bird is named, is supposed to have quite a vocabulary, but did not utter a word all the time we were there. There was another little cockatiel who also talks, but also did not have anything to say, but it sure could wolf whistle at the ladies. I thought is so cute when I went over to the bird's cage and it would whistle at me.

The clubhouse, one of the nicest we have come across in our travels to different ranges, is surrounded by groomed irrigated lawns, another feature which is unusual when it comes to shooting facilities.

A view of the clubhouse from near where we parked the RV.

There is a very nice view from the second story of the clubhouse.

Looking out across the valley you see orchards, wheat, or some such crop and also lots of dry scrub land which is not irrigated. If it wasn't for the irrigation, all this land would be dry semi-desert.

Two of the youngest shooters who happened to be on our squad. These lads were very good competitors. One of the boys had trouble with his gun, he calmly dealt with the problem, then went about the business of finishing the string. A sure sign he had listened very carefully to the lessons of his father, and followed through.

"Shooter ready." ...... buzz, (from timer) bam, bam, bam,bam, bam.

We had a wonderful time at the match, made some new friends, and were back on the island around 7:70 pm last evening.

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