Thursday, July 15, 2010


When I arrived home today I found a box on the counter addressed to me. Immediately I thought this has to be some mistake, as I had not ordered anything. There was no return address on the label, so full of curiosity I cut open the tape holding the box together.
Imagine my surprise and delight when I found I had won a So Easy Pantry Makeover Kit from the Almond Board of California, and celebrity chef, Ellie Krieger.
Included in the kit, is a reusable shopping bag, a set of space-saving storage containers, labels and a marker, a bag of of almonds and two snack tins to hold some of them, another bag of sliced almonds, and a wonderful Ellie Krieger cookbook.
I finally remembered I had entered the Almond Board's sweepstakes sometime last April and had forgotten about it. I do so love these unexpected surprises, perhaps I should buy a lotto ticket today.


Gail Wilson said...

Oh what a sweet surprise!!!

lom said...

What a lovely surprise

Anonymous said...

What a difference the day makes - - when we find a sweet package in the post....!