Saturday, July 10, 2010


Not a whole lot going on around here. I have been wandering around outside at 6am this morning, coffee in hand and looking at what is happening in my garden. The temperatures are nice and cool this early, the juvenile bald eagle sitting in the top of a tree across the pasture from our place, is screeching for attention from his parents. It seems the parents leave their young alone for a while to encourage the youngsters to go search out food for themselves.
As I wandered our yard, our little semi-tame bunny came hopping up to me, and followed me all around knowing I would eventually go back indoors to fetch a piece of bread for it. When I finally placed half a stale hot dog bun on the front steps, the bunny picked it up and hopped over under one of our vehicles to enjoy the treat.
Mr C and I are off to Silverdale today, to shoot in a Fun Steel Match. I really enjoy going to this particular club to meet all our friends, then after the match several of us go to a local restaurant for a meal.
Well, all of you have a nice weekend, and stay out of the heat, and drink plenty of water.

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