Monday, July 12, 2010



I have a plan you see! Our front deck gets all the afternoon sun, and to think of sitting out there late in the day is madness, we would be cooked to a crisp in no time flat.
Our carport is large enough to house two vehicles, and as we only park one in there,
( mainly because there was too much junk) I have decided to take a large part of the left back corner and turn it into an outdoor room of sorts.
I spent most of the weekend getting rid of a whole lot of junk, reorganizing my gardening supplies and relocating some of them in the pump house, that is until I get a gardening shed. There is a story behind the pump house too. When I opened the door, I was confronted by water all over the concrete floor, I hated to go tell Mr C , as we have had nothing but mishaps this past month. First we had a flood in the basement, then a tire on our minivan blew out when we were on the freeway, now a leak in one of the tanks storing water in the pump house. Sheesh!
Anyhow the pump house dilemma was mostly taken care of, there is still a small leak to be fixed, some of my gardening tools and pots are now in the pump house, and more things to go in there when the other leak is repaired. We still need to get the large logs of firewood, sitting in front of the carport, split and stacked, and find a home for some of the other things under the carport, then I can begin to create the outdoor living room.
I have a lovely outdoor rug, one of those which can be hosed down to clean it, to place on the concrete floor, some chairs, a large old cooler I can
cover with a colorful piece of outdoor cloth, then use the cooler/table to store cushions etc. in, and to put finishing touches to the whole area, I will place potted plants here and there.
I will keep you updated on my progress with a post now and again. I plan on taking my time with this project, as I have discovered I am not as young as I thought I was, at least that is what my sore, tired body is telling me this morning. *grin*


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new project. I am eager to see the results.

Gail Wilson said...

What a great will become a wonderful outdoor room I am sure. One of these days I will come and join you for a cool afternoon sip of tea...oh all right...a pepsi would be best!! Gail

lom said...

Sounds good, can't wait to see the up dates

Anonymous said...

Just take it easy J. one day at a time - - there's no way I could tackle a job like that at the moment,, we are being grilled this side of the globe!!