Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yesterday's MRI shows NOTHING, now the Doctors are talking about transfering Mike to The University of Washington Hospital. Of course besides the worry of not knowing what is wrong, Mike is fretting about his business, if he can't keep on top of things then there is no money coming in to cover bills, and of course that is a real concern. We don't even want to think of the many thousands of dollars it has cost so far, and all that will be in the future.
Well we will just deal with whatever comes up hour by hour and day by day. All I want is for him to get well and come home.
I will keep updates coming as I know more. Please continue to keep Mike in your prayers.


Gail Wilson said...

Jenn, we do hope they find some answers very soon for Mike. I can imagine that it is driving you both crazy with worry. You are in my thoughts
Love you, Gail

edt said...

Mr Completely is in my thoughts, and you too Keewee. Regards from NZ