Friday, November 11, 2011

Mike is now in Harborview

I had a very restless night tossing and turning wondering how things were going for Mike. And stewing over the fact that it is not easy to get to the hospital, that is for me anyway. I do not know my way around Seattle, and I am very, very, nervous about driving the freeway. I have also been advised I should not be by myself in the neighborhood of the hospital as there are some very rough characters around. I looked into maybe taking a bus, oh sure, just five bus rides to get there, scratch that idea. Then I thought perhaps there is someone here on the island who works a day shift at Harborview I could catch a ride with, spend the day with Mike and return in the evening or whenever the persons shift was over . I know something will work out, and Mike is in good hands but I really hate not being there with him, "Patience, Jennifer, patience," I am telling myself.

Here is a short email message I found this morning from my honey:

"Big adventure, some highs and some lows. Over the worst I think. Sat in ER for almost 6 hrs before getting to a full sized bed. Just had a sandwich, so I'm not starving. No problem getting Ibuprofen so far, so I feel pretty good. I'll try to call later as it's 1:30am. now. Will try to get some sleep.

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Gail Wilson said...

I wish I was there to drive you where you need to go my friend. I do hope for answers for Mike's condition real soon. Thank you for the update.
Hugs, Gail