Wednesday, November 09, 2011

No definite news yet

We have a great team in this hospital doing all they can to determine what ails Mike. As of today, he in not being given any IV fluids antibiotics and nor pain meds. The doctors are waiting to see what shows up in his body, then they can form opinions as to what could be a potential problem. I have just finished a conversation with his doctor, who pointed out that perhaps there could be something stemming from the surgery and subsequent internal bleeding from last year. This afternoon he is going to have another scan so we will wait and see what that shows, if anything. If nothing is determined at this hospital, it is possible Mike will be transferred to The University of Washing hospital. I sure hope that does not happen as I fear driving through seattle traffic to get there.
Time will tell.

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betty-NZ said...

You both are still in my prayers. Take care of Mike and update us as time allows.