Monday, November 07, 2011

Update on Mr C.

Sheesh I need to learn not to panic, but I am over tired and as a wife it is my job to panic a little bit.
When I left Mike last night he was doing Ok and as I said in my last post, he told me that while he was on the pain meds which also keep his temperature under control, he will be feeling OK. Well, they cut back on the meds and when I called him earlier his exact words were " I am going backwards, they are sending me down for another scan"
My panic mode set in and I dropped everything and rushed up to the hospital. He is not as as bad off as I had imagined, although the doctors are still testing to see what the dickens is going on. I just had a nice long talk with his doctor and I am now feeling better that I know more.
I will try to keep updates coming as I find out more.


Gail Wilson said...

I am sorry this is happenening to you two. I do hope Mike finds answers real soon. And thank you for the updates.
Hugs, Gail

cassie-b - carol scott said...

I hope all your upcoming news is good news. Thanks for letting us know. Our thoughts are with you.