Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

All three of us, That is, Mr.C, Rocket and I had a great Christmas. Mr.C and I got a kick out of rocket. He is just like a kid when it comes to something new in the house as his curiosity is a treat to see. Truthfully, I think Rocket prefers tissue paper more than anything else.

Hmmm!! I wonder what is in my gift. I was a real good kitty all year and I just know the Santa kitty has brought me something really nice.

Oh boy, Oh boy!! my very own Chia Cat Grass Planter, featuring Sylvester and Tweety, and tissue paper. I love tissue paper, it make the neatest noise when I roll on it and shred it with my sharp claws.


Rivrdog said...

Have you trained that stealthy kitty to do any guard-kitty duties yet?

Don't laugh. My old, late Snowflake was a perfect guard kitty, in that he would alert to ANYTHING on the property, by getting up from his nap (cat-nap, of course) and running off to the side of the house where the offending intruder was. 95% of the time it was another cat, or even a jaybird, rarely a possum, but Snowflake alerted to people, too, and many a visitor was surprised when I flung open the door before they even got with sight of it's view. I'm sure they all thought that I was maintaining some kind of vigil, but I wasn't, Snowflake was.

The downside of Snowflake's guarding style is that you had to be there to see the critter alert, unless it was Old Gray-Butt, his archenemy, and when THAT low-class feline trespassed, Snowflake would let him know that he was "gato non-grata", right through the walls (and your ears) with a screechy war-cry.

Once, I had left the patio door slightly ajar, and Grey-Butt came slinking across the patio, and Snowflake rushed the door in his usual style, but, to his surprise, I'm sure, found it open, got out and went for Grey-Butt's throat. Fortunately, I was fast enough to save my house cat, who was declawed in front, and was losing the fight badly in the first 2 seconds.

About $1,000 worth of vet bills, and a stint with the dreaded funnel-collar later, all three of us learned our lesson: Snowflake certainly had the heart for a fight, but was guaranteed to lose every one, so we were careful to see he stayed in the house or aboard my boat after that.

Had we not neutered him, and declawed him as well, I'm sure Snowflake would have dominated at least two neighborhoods in this city during his almost-two decades on this Earth.

Happy New Year, KeeWee!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas. Rocket looks very pleased with his gifts.