Monday, December 11, 2006

Forecast , wet and windy

It certainly was wet and very windy today.

Looking out of the front doors at the spa where I work. You can just see Camano Island, in the far distance across Saratoga Passage.

The tide was very high and the wind whipped water was crashing up againt the bulkhead and racing up the steps.

Every so often one of the wind driven waves would break over the top of the bulkhead.

Looking in the opposite direction from the steps, I could see the waves coming towards where I was standing, and I estimate the troughs in between the waves to be amost three feet deep at times. Not a good day for boating.
I always love to watch the waters of Saratoga Passage during a storm as mother nature sure can be awesome.


Phyllis said...

I also love to sit on the beach at the Keystone spit watching the waves!
Did you lose your power? We did at 2:00pm and it just came back on at 9:30! More stormy weather on the way Thursday!

Anonymous said...

me too love watching that stuff, but its a lot different in the middle of an ocean but still awesome.

Mary Lou said...

I had power all day, but it did blink several times. I hear the one on THursday is the really bad one. WHee!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Mary Lou if it is going to be *a bad one* on Thursday, I guess that means The Senior Striders will have to stay home, Sighhhhh!!!!
I will make sure we have everything ready for another power outage.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!, nice pictures, the water looks a bit rough and cold.