Saturday, January 06, 2007

ANOTHER power outage

Last night around 10:30pm our lights went out once again, and they have just turned back on. It is Saturday 6:30pm. Even though we have a generator to power our furnace, and a camp stove to cook on, this is all getting to be rather tiresome.

There were a couple of branches off of our trees laying on the ground this morning, but that is nothing compared to what is hanging over the power lines just up the road from our place. Mr.C has the whole story HERE

Mr.C gave me a portable DVD player for Christmas, so I was able to pass some time watching a movie, and I also enjoy reading, so I do not become too bored.

I am ready for spring.......bring it on!


Phyllis said...

Mary Lou still doesn't have power. I called her about 15 minutes ago.
Wait til next week. We are supposed to get some "measurable" snow after another big wind!

Anonymous said...

You are having it rough, is it always like this?


Anonymous said...

I think its global warming bet you the snow doesn't last a fortnight

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

You folks are on a roll.

Hope this is the last outage for a while, although I will admit it seems to be fodder for interesting blogging from several parties!!

Anonymous said...

I have come to realize how much my life depends on electricity, especially in the middle of January. Power outages are not fun.. that is for sure. Hope you are safe and warm.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

This is the worst winter we have had in a while, in that we have had more severe wind storms this year. As the Island has many trees they are prone to fall over the powerlines, especially after heavy rains which makes the ground unstable and the trees roots are rather shallow and lose their ability to hold in the wet soil.

Bibi said...

Oh no, sorry to hear you were blacked out again. I'm with you ... BRING ON SPRING ;-O

Anonymous said...

I hate to even say this but our temp was 71 yesterday. Our warmest temperatures ever. Its like living in Florida. I know it's going to change back again soon. I wish we could send some of it your way?

Rivrdog said...

The next storm will bring gales to you, then you will be frozen solid and get snow.

How do you like Global Warming so far, my dear?